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How to take care of your watch in 4 steps

Ever wondered how to take care of your timepiece? In this blog, we are going to explain in details how to care and maintain a watch, as well as sharing the best examples by Big Daddy Watches. 

 You ready? Let’s get you started!

Clean your watch regularly

Clean your watch as often as possible! Take a soft cloth and wipe down the band and the case to remove the dirt and dust.

If your watch is not water resistant, it can still handle small splashes of water, but it’s best to avoid it and never wash your watch in the shower – even waterproof watches.

Keep your watch box

Keep your watch box for storage. Whenever you are not wearing your watch, it’s best to keep it back in the box to avoid any scratches, dust, humidity and dirt. Trust us, this one minute process will always make a difference. Also, it’s about time we make a use of watch boxes.

Limiting sun exposure

Avoid direct and extended exposure to sunlight. Why? Because it can fade the color on your watch. Also, heat can shorten the battery life, so it’s best to avoid your watch from being placed in direct sunlight. 

Avoid scratches

We can be careless at times and unceremoniously scratch the watch. Therefore, it’s very important to keep your watch away from any jewellery, specially bracelets. We recommend wearing your accessories on the opposite wrist.

Always remember to take off the watch during heavy activities even if it’s a very quick one.

Lastly, while traveling you can carry a mini travel watch case to avoid any sort of scratches and it’s the best way to protect your watches when packing.

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