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How to take care of your watch straps

Your guide on how to maintain your straps!

Straps require different care. Especially leather straps. Cleaning leather requires special care because it is a unique material. 

Leather straps

1) Remove the strap – by doing so, the watch case and dial will be protected.

2) Wipe the leather strap with a soft cloth (should be dry) – this ensures that all the dust and dirt is gone before getting any liquids involved.

3) Damp the cloth with a small amount of soap – in circular motions, gently rub the inside and outside of the leather strap.

3) Let it dry – remember, only air dry.

4) Treat the strap with leather conditioner – apply few drops of conditioner on a clean cloth and simply rub the strap.

Remember, you should do this once every other week except for the conditioner step. Leather conditioner should only be used occasionally.


Nylon straps 

1) Remove strap from watch.

2) Place the strap in a bowl with drops of soap (dish soap is ideal)  – do not use hot water.

3) Let is soak for few minutes.

4) Get a toothbrush and scrub any built-up dirt.

5) Rinse thoroughly and let it air dry.


Rubber straps

1) Remove strap from watch – even if it’s a water-resistance watch.

2) Rinse strap with warm water.

3) Apply hand soap or dish soap. 

4) Rinse till the strap is clean.


Remember, consistency is key!

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